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Dr Lindsey Henderson

Dr. L. Henderson, MD

Dr. L. Henderson loves life: the people, the places, and the joy of being alive. She revels in caring for everyone in the best way possible and adores magic, fairy tales, laughter, and adventure. Doc H is deeply honored to be caring for the people who trust her with their health and knows that while life is sacred, it is also fun and beautiful, and wants you to be welcomed and comfortable!   You can read her professional bio and gather more information here….

Kristen Davis, MA

Kristen Davis, Medical Assistant, is the pillar that keeps the clinic strong! You’ll see Kristen manning the front desk, managing records, and assisting with all medical procedures. She can do a little bit of everything and does all of it beautifully. Kristen is the proud mom of three stunning daughters, three goofy dogs, and loves adventures with her husband, Jerry. In her free time, Kristen can be found hanging with the sharks, raising dogs, and spending time with her family.

Amy Jackson, CPT

Amy Jackson is an AAPC Certified Professional Coder with 30 years in the field, who joined Butler Urgent Medicine’s billing department in 2021. She is the owner of a burgeoning medical coding consultation company working for businesses in Leawood, KS; Denver, CO; and O’Fallon, IL.

A local girl, Amy is a Butler alum, an avid traveler, a leisurely stroller, and also has a side hustle as an Etsy shop owner. She currently lives in Butler with her husband, Tim, a hometown small business owner, himself.

Dr. K. Fleming. MD

Dr. K. Fleming, MD, serves as medical director and back up physician. Dr. Fleming provides academic and medical support as well as occasional coverage for Dr. Henderson and has greater than twenty years rural Missouri family medicine and urgent care experience. When not working, Dr. Fleming engages in all things beautiful: the raising of her two fabulous sons, gardening, and fine art, and delights in a happy marriage and Christ centered life. Dr. Fleming is thrilled by snowflakes, glitter, magic, and nature.