Cash Rates

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It can be scary to walk into an urgent care facility, not knowing how much it may cost you, particularly if you don’t have insurance. For anything not listed in our cash rates below, please come into the clinic and speak to the staff. We will provide you with a cash pay rate before you are treated, so you know what to expect. The prices will be 40% discount from the standard insurance rates. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the office – we are always happy to go over pricing.

Payment is due up front, including for those filing insurance. For those filing with insurance, you’ll be required to pay up front, until your deductible is met, then your insurance will be billed.

When paying based on cash only agreement pricing, you’ll have to sign an agreement that will states you will not in the future – not now or ever – present the bill to insurance.

Cash Only Agreement Pricing:

URI: ENT, sinus, cough, cold$144
Pharyngitis: Bacterial or Viral, Mild Asthma$207.19
Lungs: pneumonia$200
Medication Refills$144
Skin: Rash, Flares$171.44
STD Testing$207.19
Eyes: Infection, Pink Eye$144.00
Eyes: FBO, Corneal Abrasion$226.80
Laceration: Simple $265.80 and up
Laceration: Intermediate$480.00 and up
Laceration: Complex$585.60 and up
Abcess: Simple$301.80
Abcess: Complex$415.80


Additional fees may apply for in office procedures, labs, medications, or other supplies and / or services.