COVID Policy

We understand wearing masks are frustrating and so we ask that you bring kindness and patience along with your mask to every visit. Masks not only prevent the spread of COVID but also influenza, strep, and a host of other viruses and bacteria!

As per recommendations we are asking that all patients sick with upper respiratory disease, non-vaccinated patients, and immunocompromised patients wear a mask.

We are happy to see all patients with upper respiratory illness and concern for COVID; we will not turn you away if you think you have COVID. HOWEVER, if you have severe shortness of breath, extreme weakness, confusion, or rapid breathing, please go directly to the nearest emergency room!

We ask that you wear your mask in and notify our front desk staff you are concerned for COVID. Our staff will screen you and proceed from there; we may ask you to fill out paperwork or wait in your car depending on the severity of your symptoms and exposure.

Our office is deep cleaned with medical grade cleaners between patients and several times a day the doors are opened to aid in fresh air exchange.